Initial LIFE CONTEXT workshop a success

The inaugural INTENSIVE JOURNAL workshop, conducted in Victoria, British Columbia in July of this year, was well received with excellent participant feedback from the 14 people who attended.  The LIFE CONTEXT workshop was the first in a series of workshops to be conducted by Bill Israel, Certified Intensive Journal Facilitator.  A sample quote from one of the female workshop participants:

“If you are interested to explore your inner landscape, to get acquainted with some of your hidden stuff in a gentle, creative, self-directed and very private way, then PLEASE take this workshop.  It will enrich your life and make you a more conscious person”

The next INTENSIVE JOURNAL workshop is tentatively scheduled for November, 2015, in Victoria, B.C.  Check out Bill’s website for updated information, including the dates and location of a series of FREE 3 hour introductory seminars.


4 thoughts on “Initial LIFE CONTEXT workshop a success

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