Mark You Calendar for 20 April, 2018

Two more successful INTENSIVE JOURNAL® workshops we completed in Victoria, B.C. last month.  A total 15 participants spent the week-end of Nov. 17-20, 2017, in a meditative writing and metacognitive process at the Church of Truth, Community of Conscious Living.

SAMPLE QUOTES from five anonymous participants:

“Powerful process.”

“Thank you! This process has become a catalyst for a book that is gestating inside me for a very long time. I am truly grateful”

“Powerful and transformative.  Excellent structure for depth work and opening up.”

“Thank you.  Well facilitated and new revelations”

“I Very much appreciated the meditations and twilight imagery process”

2018 will mark the beginning of a fourth year of INTENSIVE JOURNAL® workshops in Victoria, B.C.   In that time we have complete 12 separate workshops session in the same location at the Church of Truth in Victoria, B.C.

Please mark you calendar now for the next set of workshops in Victoria, the weekend of April 20-23, 2018.  We will again offer the LIFE CONTEXT workshop on April 20-21. The DEPTH CONTACT workshop will happen on April 22-23.

Registration is now open and you can get all of the pertinent information at

As a certified INTENSIVE JOURNAL® Facilitator and Consultant, Bill Israel also conducts the  I J program for inmates at William Head Institution on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. This I J process is offered as a “course” to inmates housed at this minimum security penitentiary for those who volunteer for the 12 session workshop process.  Prison facilities and schedule routines will allow for only one 3 hour workshop per week for as many as 10 inmates at a time.  Resident inmates must complete all 12 workshop sessions to qualify for a “certificate” for their files.

As of December, 2017, 38 inmates have successfully completed the course, having participated in one of four “course” sessions in 2016-17.  A fifth I J course is planned for early 2017, with the support of prison administration and Inside Parole Officers.

SAMPLE QUOTES from three anonymous prison participants:

The program was wonderful and helpful. I have rediscovered my love of art.Looking at past decisions (I made) helped me see them in a different light – from a different perspective. The Spiritual Steppingstones section and the Re-Openings of Road Taken and Not Taken were VERY helpful. (Quote from a LIFER, in for 20 + years)

The most helpful part was the continued informal writing expressing oneself on paper – good or bad. Gave me meaningful thought that in my past I was lazy in my thinking and always felt negative.  Being true to myself opens the door to spiritual steppingstones that I had lost when I was young. Re-opening this part of my life greatly improves my communication with others.  (Quote from a LIFER in for 20 + years)

This course has helped me to re-cap everything (prison programs) I participated in throughout my sentence. The difference, from another perspective, is the non-judgmental, positive energy of the good bunch of guys in our group. I am free from my negative intensity. (Quote from a LIFER in for 20 + years).

End of report – December, 2017



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