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A 12 Hour In-Person Workshop                                                                        


The Umbrella Society, 415 Dunedin St. #1, Sidney, BC                                                                       

Saturday January 20, 2024, : 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Sunday January 21, 2024, : 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

  • Street parking available on Dunedin St.
  • Refreshment breaks: food/drink provided both days.
  • A lunch meal on Saturday is not provided. Local restaurants available.
  • Registration fee $ 210.00 CDN  
  • Prerequisite:  LIFE CONTEXT workshop.

The I J workshop atmosphere in which the Intensive Journal method is conducted is essential. A certified Facilitator will describe each writing prompt in turn, and then allow a period of quiet where you write privately about specific aspects of your life. You work in total privacy – no one reads or comments on your life narrative, or vice versa. Each 12-hour workshop series is a progressively deepening atmosphere away from your daily routine. Here you write and reflect on your inmost life processes, writing privately about seemingly disparate experiences. The Intensive Journal exercises enable a tangible, private integration. The Facilitator’s role is to enable your individual process in the meditative context of the small group, and not influence or evaluate your writings or reflections. No analysis, judgment, or clinical diagnostics.


    Contact Bill Israel to register for Depth Contact Workshop. All fields are required. Please be sure to fill them out accurately.

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