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Introduction & Orientation to the INTENSIVE JOURNAL Method.

An online ZOOM I J Orientation workshop.

Saturday morning: NOVEMBER 18:  9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

A 3-hour Introduction, Orientation, and Sample Writing prompts. 

Brief introduction by Bill Israel, Certified Facilitator/Consultant of The I J Method of Ira Progoff, PhD (1937-1998)

  • Transiting this ongoing Age of Anxiety
  • Personal life history narrative (Dialogue & Feedback)
  • Private, safe non-analytic writing in small groups
  • No crosstalk in workshop sessions. 
  • Structured “out-loud reading” opportunities in “sacred space” of every workshop.
  • No special writing skill/experience necessary

$ 25.00 Registration Fee:  Applicable to your first full I J workshop.

15-minute refreshment break

60-minutes of meditative writing of sample I J writing prompts.  

Discussion with Q and A Following

Recommended (not required) pre-reading:

Van der Kolk, Bessel (MD, psychiatrist) The Body Keeps the Score.

Maté, Gabor (MD, author) The Myth of Normal

Register via billisrael06@gmail.com  

Cell phone: 250-744-0590

WEBSITE: www.billisrael.org


    Contact Bill Israel to register for Life Context Workshop. All fields are required. Please be sure to fill them out accurately.

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