Bill Israel

What I Do

By means of an innovative writing process, I facilitate individuals and groups to privately and safely revitalize meaning and purpose in their life. 

  • Reconcile your holisitic past thru an empathic self-inquiry.

  • Recognize where your life is yearning to go.

  • Clarify your spiritual foundations and life mission.

  • Embrace your open-ended future and creative self.

I provide professional counseling services and workshop facilitation through a not-for-profit organization called IMAGINE LIFE TRANSITIONS in Victoria, British Columbia. My stated objective is best captured in a quote from the originator of the INTENSIVE JOURNAL ® process:

 “To provide a tangible method of helping people move constructively through the transitions of their lives and to touch deeper levels of meaning while doing so.”                                                -Ira Progoff (1921-98)

YOU CAN VIEW more detail of my work at the website of my British Columbia sponsor, The Earth and Spirit Society

YOU CAN VIEW more detail about the international INTENSIVE JOURNAL programs, schedules, cost and Facilitator/Consultants at