Initial LIFE CONTEXT workshop a success

The inaugural INTENSIVE JOURNAL workshop, conducted in Victoria, British Columbia in July of this year, was well received with excellent participant feedback from the 14 people who attended.  The LIFE CONTEXT workshop was the first in a series of workshops to be conducted by Bill Israel, Certified Intensive Journal Facilitator.  A sample quote from one of the female workshop participants:

“If you are interested to explore your inner landscape, to get acquainted with some of your hidden stuff in a gentle, creative, self-directed and very private way, then PLEASE take this workshop.  It will enrich your life and make you a more conscious person”

The next INTENSIVE JOURNAL workshop is tentatively scheduled for November, 2015, in Victoria, B.C.  Check out Bill’s website for updated information, including the dates and location of a series of FREE 3 hour introductory seminars.



“Progoff’s INTENSIVE JOURNAL PROCESS is one of the great inventions of our time” Joseph Campbell

On July 24-25 Bill Israel will facilitate a 12 hour LIFE CONTEXT workshop at the Church of Truth in Victoria, BC.  This extraordinary journal method is a unique writing process, distinct from typical journal keeping, diary writing or memoir preparation.  No writing skill is necessary to undertake this private, meditative, compassionate self-inquiry.

Participants work in a quiet group environment, preparing personal “steppingstones” into a testament for more meaningful engagement with their life-work, family, friends and community.

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Human personality development consists of a dynamic and interactive engagement between our inner “self” (what we feel and believe inwardly) and the external realities of our environment.  This process began at birth and will continue until we die.  There are occasions when the external world intrudes rudely, coldly and even violently on one’s experience  of selfhood (identity), causing serious harm to their sense of security, identity  and well-being.  Neglect and/or abuse (physical or emotional), illness, injury, failure or disappointment can force one to feel dislocated, displaced, or “less than a whole person”.

Every human being experiences SOME “dislocation” in the process of growth and development.  With the support of family and friends, the human psyche has the creative capacity to move on through these developmental “bumps”.  Some of the events or circumstances can be significant, however, generating painful memories and  even stimulate “adaptive behaviour” that may be stressful and unproductive.

If the “dislocating” experience is painful enough (physically or psychologically), and sustained over time, the adaptive adjustment may include “hiding from the discomfort” through addictive behaviour, including substance abuse.  The maladaptive behaviour is often hidden even from ourselves.  Others see it while we are blind to it.

ALL humans have SOME addictive behaviour.  This includes the things we do or say to cover for that part of our life which feels inadequate, embarrassing, shameful or grief-laden. Too often we take a “holier-than-thou” attitude toward those caught up in substance abuse addiction – drugs, alcohol, food etc.  The difference is only in degree of addiction.  Sex, shopping, work, violence, depression, grief and self-imposed social isolation can all be classified as forms of addictive behaviour.  Anything one is doing to AVOID the pain of feeling “dislocated” from being a whole person, can be thought of as an addiction.

The INTENSIVE JOURNAL program is an effective, non-judgemental, non-dogmatic, self-help method for enabling persons to successfully integrate the richness of their past (the good, the bad and the ugly) into a hopeful NOW.


Becoming the person you prefer

Our human personalities evolve from an open-ended, creative dialogue between our inward “seed potential” (soul/psyche) and the external environment in which we find ourselves.  Human beings are not a product of the either/or of “nature or nurture”, but an ongoing process of creating a personal identity like none other in the universe.  Each of us is a one-of-a-kind being, surging forward into the cold reality of an unrelenting environment.

The Intensive Journal® ( I J) method of Dr. Ira Progoff is a guided journalling method for enabling persons to access their creative inward self in an ongoing, life-long growth process.  Progoff’s stated intention of the I J is:  To provide a tangible method of helping people move constructively through the transitions of their lives and to touch deeper levels of meaning while doing so”