New “milestone” for INTENSIVE JOURNAL method program in Canada

Bill Israel has been invited to make a presentation to the National Forum for the CANADIAN INSTITUTE for MILITARY and VETERANS HEALTH RESEARCH (CIMVHR). This Institute is a branch of Veterans Affairs Canada.
In March, 2016 Bill, who is a Certified Facilitator of the Intensive Journal method, submitted an Abstract for consideration the the College of Peers at CIMVHR.  The paper is titled    “The Intensive Journal: A Professionally Facilitated Journal Method for Therapeutic Healing from the Stress of Trauma.  The Abstract was approved for presentation at the National Forum in  Vancouver, B.C. November 21-23, 2016.
The INTENSIVE JOURNAL® workshop program has already been approved for inmates at William Head Institution, a federal minimum security prison in British Columbia.
There is much renewed interest and research into the field of trauma, including early Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) studies as well adult experience with trauma.  The ACE studies were done by the Kaiser Permanent Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control in the United States (ca. 1980’s)
Dr. Ira Progoff’s  INTENSIVE JOURNAL® method offers a non-diagnostic, non-analytic, guided self-help process for individuals engaged in life transitions of all sorts, including holistic healing from trauma.

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As a long-time practitioner of the Intensive Journal ® method of Dr. Ira Progoff, Bill has 40 years experience in effecting his own life transitisons. He now works professionally with others seeking transition in their life. The Intensive Journal process has gained signification popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as a highly innovative method for trauma transformation, working "outside" the medical model.

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