INTENSIVE JOURNAL News – February 2016

A very exciting opportunity is underway for application of the INTENSIVE JOURNAL® process with federal inmates at the William Head Institution in British Columbia

Following a six month application process at William Head Institution in Metchosin, B.C., approval has been granted for Bill Israel to take the INTENSIVE JOURNAL® program inside the penitentiary for work with inmates.

Bill is a member of the Restorative Justice Coalition at William Head Institution, meeting on a weekly basis with inmates and fellow volunteers, in a “restorative justice circle” session. Staff and inmates have indicated their interest in mounting this unique journal writing program on a weekly basis inside the prison.

The third in a series of public INTENSIVE JOURNAL® workshops is scheduled for the weekend of March 18-21, 2016, in Victoria.

Registration is now underway for the third consecutive LIFE CONTEXT workshop at the Church of Truth in James Bay.  In addition, a NEW workshop titled DEPTH CONTACT is being offered.  This is the second in the Journal Workbook series and is offered only to those who have completed the Life Context workshop.  Each workshop is 12 hours in length over a two day period.  Details will be posted in the next few days, including the opportunity for a FREE three hour INTRODUCTION to the journal workbook in downtown Victoria.

About williamisrael

As a long-time practitioner of the Intensive Journal ® method of Dr. Ira Progoff, Bill has 40 years experience in effecting his own life transitisons. He now works professionally with others seeking transition in their life. The Intensive Journal process has gained signification popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as a highly innovative method for trauma transformation, working "outside" the medical model.

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