INTENSIVE JOURNAL program continues in Victoria, BC

A second consecutive INTENSIVE JOURNAL® workshop was successfully concluded in mid-November at the Church of Truth in James Bay.  17 participants gathered for a two day meditative journal-writing clinic, privately examining the breadth of their individual lives, deepening personal values, probing spiritual histories and exploring future possibilities.

The LIFE CONTEXT journal workshop is a non-analytic, non-judgmental and private method of refreshing and renewing one’s life path from an inward perspective.  In an atmosphere of meditative quiet, a “sacred” writing space is created, enabling participants to move “inward” in a compassionate, self-managed, written reflection of their life – past, present and anticipated future.

The process consists of a professionally facilitated, thoughtfully crafted writing process that guides participants into their own “well” of life experience and inner wisdom.  It is a method of compassionate exploration and private expression of one’s sense of wholeness. It is a process that enables an open-ended exploration of the potential for one’s future.

Participant feedback has been consistently positive:

“…the workshop helped me on my path me in resolving old questions and dilemmas…it is a healing and strengthening process…a powerful tool in helping me move forward…keeping my balance through growth and insight.  It has been a great leap forward for me.”  –  M.T.
“This amazing process … brought me to an understanding of what my life wants me to focus on right now.  It was all very useful.” –  J.S.
“It was an excellent non-judgmental way of exploring my past and how that has impacted the flow of my life. (It was) a rare opportunity to examine the whole of my being from current status, how I got here, the people involved in my life, key physical and spiritual stages and important events.  This review gave me a chance to create a positive and productive target for the next stage of my life.” – F.S.
(The workshop) …helped me immensely in beginning to accept what (my life) is –with honesty and not trying to impose an evaluation… (it) helped me understand my present life in a larger context and gave me insight moving forward.” – E.R.
“It is a new tool in my toolbox for examining my life in a gentle way and finding information I didn’t even realize was already there.  I appreciated the focus on the flow and movement of one’s life, rather than getting hung up on this or that particular problem.”  – K.R.

NOTE: In the interest of maintaining the personal privacy for the participants of this Intensive Journal process, full names are not disclosed either for these direct quotes, or to other journal writers during the course of the workshops.

This LIFE CONTEXT workshop is a two-day (twelve hour) facilitated journal process. It is the first in a series of three sequential, life-enhancing journal writing seminars developed by Dr. Ira Progoff (1921-98).

The second of these workshops (DEPTH CONTACT) will be offered in March of 2016, in conjunction with a re-offering of the first workshop.

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As a long-time practitioner of the Intensive Journal ® method of Dr. Ira Progoff, Bill has 40 years experience in effecting his own life transitisons. He now works professionally with others seeking transition in their life. The Intensive Journal process has gained signification popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as a highly innovative method for trauma transformation, working "outside" the medical model.

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