New course name for inmates at William Head Institution (WHI)

Following evaluation consults with the Inmate Committee, the Program Administrators at WHI and support from the Insiitution Parole Officers, the Intensive Journal® program has a new designation, and a renewed schedule.  A new group has just begun their work as of March, 2017.
The new “course” is titled FOUNDATIONS for Preparation of Personal Release Plans. The response was immediate and very positive.  The Parole Officers expressed good support for this volunteer opportunity for inmates to work privately, and in small groups, on life issues, their crime/ incarceration, and preparing written plans for their eventual release on parole. At the first two hour orientation to this renewed writing process 18 inmates attended.
From that initial show of interest, 10 inmates have enrolled in the a 10 week “course” of non-diagnostic, non-judgmental  process of guided introspection, meditation, reflection and Journal Workbook writing.  Another group of inmates (8) are on the “wait list” for a second “class”.
A limit of 10 participants per group has proven to be an effective number for optimizing the private and intimate nature of the FOUNDATIONS group process.  The nature of the course will not permit the admission of late-enrolees  to a session that is underway.



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