Next non-ZOOM INTENSIVE JOURNAL workshops in Fall 2020

Check the website for the fall of 2020.  Bill Israel is presenting the first of two INTENSIVE JOURNALĀ® workshops – LIFE CONTEXT.  Subtitled Gaining a Perspective of Life, this will be the next offering of this two-day meditative, writing process in the City of Victoria, BC since the program started in 2014. This twelve hour workshop experience will provide participants an awareness of prior life experiences, memories and feelings.
On that same weekend, Bill will be facilitating the DEPTH CONTACT workshop on November 19-20 at the Church of Truth in Victoria.  Subtitled Symbolic Images and Meaning in Life, this two day workshop is focused on the experience of dreams and images for clarifying priorities and ultimate life concerns.
The INTENSIVE JOURNALĀ® program has an official sponsor in Victoria.  It is The Earth and Spirit Society.  You can learn more about the work of this dynamic society at their website 

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