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The Church of Truth and Conscious Living      

111 Superior St. in James Bay, Victoria, BC                                   

(Friday afternoon and all-day Saturday)

  • Friday afternoon June 9th: 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm

  • Saturday all day June 10th : 9;00 am to 5:00 pm

$ 210.00 per person (Bursaries available)

No pre-requisite.

Registration is required by June 6th, 2023

No Advanced Preparation Necessary / Skills and Interest in Writing Unnecessary

The Intensive Journal method is a series of integrated writing exercises about core aspects of your life (i.e., personal relationships, body and health, life history, dreams and imagery, meaning in life, etc.). The structured, private writing prompts are designed to help you remember/recognize and know yourself better. Your private writing will lay a foundation of your life. Then, over time, recognize significant issues within the context of your entire life that matters now. These matters will shape your life going forward. No analysis, judgement, or diagnostics. In the “sacred space” of the workshop gatherings, the privacy of all Journal Workbooks is maintained. No analysis, judgment or clinical diagnostics.


    Contact Bill Israel to register for Life Context Workshop. All fields are required. Please be sure to fill them out accurately.

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